Many subjects may benefit from autologous cell therapy for various medical problems. Recent medical studies have shown that some subjects can be helped by cell therapy. Stromal vascular fraction (SVF) contains adult mesenchymal stem cells. Our program offers the SVF deployment research program to candidates who meet the other medical screening criteria we have established and who have agreed to comply with all requirements of the research program. This research program is designed to study the safety, tolerability, and the effects of autologous adipose derived stromal vascular fraction or expanded stem cells that have been prepared and validated in a laboratory environment. These cells have been cryopreserved following processing and can be shipped frozen. They can be thawed and processed to be deployed into subjects during an outpatient visit or they can be processed and shipped already prepared at the lab and allow subjects to be followed for several years to evaluate for any short-term or long-term adverse effects. The potential benefits of frozen/thawed stromal vascular fraction or expanded cell deployment for eligible patients may include improvement in certain chronic or acute injurious or degenerative diseases.

We do not know the long-term effects of stromal vascular fraction or expanded cell deployments. We do not know if a SVF or expanded cell administration will be effective 5-10 years after it is administered, and we know of no large study that has conclusively reviewed patients for cancer, or any long-term side effect 5-10 years after a stromal vascular fraction deployment.

The frozen/thawed stromal vascular fraction or expanded cell deployment is part of a patient funded research protocol and therefore, patients are responsible for the cost of the procedure. By participating in this study, participants will not be entitled to any remuneration from any patents or later company profits. The participation in this research is voluntary and may be withdrawn at any time without penalty.

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