Disc Dekompressor (Percutaneous Disectomy)


What is a DD treatment? How does it work?

This is a minimally invasive procedure that allows your doctor to remove herniated portions of vertebral discs, which cause pain by putting pressure on nerves in the area.

Benefits from a DD treatment

This treatment has a faster healing time and less post-procedure pain, compared to traditional spinal surgery. As it is minimally invasive there are smaller and fewer incisions, meaning less damage to muscle and soft tissue and less healing time, allowing you to return to daily activity faster.

When will I see results?

Patients report some relief immediately after this procedure, as the pressure that had caused their pain is no longer there. However you should expect around 6 weeks of healing time from the procedure, although it varies patient to patient.


Driving is strongly discouraged until at least 10 days post-procedure, so make arrangements for getting home after a DD treatment.
After preparation of the insertion site and the patient is comfortable under monitored anesthesia, your doctor will insert a small probe via a needle puncture with the help of real time x-ray equipment. This probe removes a small amount of fluid from the center of the problem disc. Afterwards a simple bandage is applied.
Your doctor will discuss with you the aftercare required for proper healing of the wound and give you a prescription for any residual discomfort. You will discuss physical limitations, when you can return to work, and schedule a follow-up visit.

Risk Factors

There is a risk of complication with any medical procedure. Take time to discuss treatment options and any questions you may have with your physician, before agreeing with a procedure.